Swapping an old US spec engine for a new Japanese Market engine


Unwrapping my new toy(ota)   View of the tail end

The engine compartment harness was cut off!   A close-up of the cut harness

 A shot of the Twin Coil pack   Here's a shot of the crank angle sensor

This engine was pretty clean when I unwrpped it   Shot of the Levin intake setup

A pretty poor pic of my chassis minus the engine   Here's my old engine out of the car

Where's my engine?   Another shot of the empty engine bay

The cam gears look okay...but   We actually WELDED the pulley to the crank in a last ditch effort

Here's a view of the Cusco with a worn out shim   Another view of that pulley & shim

 From here you can see how bad the crank snout is   Another shot of the crank snout  

This is my old Supercharger   Different viewpoint of the old SC unit

The JDM engine with the intake off of it   New engine with the JDM intake removed

Here's the pile 'o JDM intake   Here's the exhaust side of the JDM engine

Here's the old engine just before we started tearing it apart   The JDM oil pan was damaged in shipping, It had to be replaced anyways.