How to Get Wires From the Cabin

to the Engine Compartment

Or the Famous Firewall Grommet

Okay, you're at the point where you want to add a boost gauge or an air/fuel mixture gauge or something that requires passing a line from the cabin to the engine compartment. Where's the best place to drill the hole? NOWHERE! Toyota has thoughfully provided a perfect space for you.  There is a large grommet directly behind the drivers seat that has plenty of room to add a few sets of wires or vacuum line.  Of course the method to get there is not easy or apparent right away. Here's how I do it.

1. Open the Drivers side T-Top and remove the trim piece around the rear pin locator held in by two flat head phillips screws.

2. Remove the door sill trim piece

3. Remove the lower panel under the rear quarter light

4. Remove the trim around the quarter light by removing the seat belt shoulder harness bolt (14mm). Lightly push the pin in at the up left hand corner of the panel.

5. Unscrew the carpet tack along the bottom of the rear glass.

6. pull straight up on the metal tabs. You feel it snap and then let go. This is okay. They will snap right back in when you reasemble the mess.

7. Remove the trim around the engine lid release lever.

8. Carefully pry back the firewall carpet at a 45 degree angle.

Here's what you'll see

Here you see a vaccum line and the O2 sensor wire